Artist Special

Artist Special :: Miranda K

Miranda K is already a well known KOMPONENTI artist for quite some time now. With just a single release (SPK011 Sinstylae) she managed to make her mark.

KOMPONENTI got my attention back in 2016 with a rather unconventional request to do a remix of a noise record.

I was both interested & challenged to deliver a rework of it back when the label wasn’t really known for either noise or house tracks.

Before the release of her debut EP – Miranda K managed to deliver another devastating revision for “Triumph” by Martu.

SPK011 Sinstylae quickly became a fan favourite thanks to her bold approach. While paying her respects to the raw & tool Techno sound of the label so far she takes her steps with a menacing accuraycy.

The Heroine House ambassador begins hard with “Laika Falling Apart” followed by a 9 minutes long Techno record with trully slowed down Kylie Minogue vocals on top.

She called it “It Will Take You Six Minutes” – a cut so good that even Stephan Panev prefers to play the original at raves & not his own Dub Mix.