Debut Serpentine Soil album now available for pre-sale.

The debut Serpentine Soil album is called “Divulgence”. The first KOMPROMATI release is an emotional roller coaster of a record that will provoke both your feelings & ears.

The first act of the album opens with “Heretic (Your Church)” which sets up the mood quick on the draw. What follows is by the easily one of the heaviest cuts – “Treason” – which speaks volumes both about the artist & the emotional charge of the record.

The second act of the album takes the pressure down a notch & develops the storyline further while introducing a number of sound delicacies.

Here we find the already premiered pilot single of the album – “The Crown of Thorns”. The track perfectly encapsulates everything you need to know about the Serpentine Soil sound.

“Her Face Dispersed in Distance” is a well thought out closing piece of the record with an abrupt ending that will leave you gasping for air. Breathe in & take the rest of your day off.

The album is available as a cassette (limited 150 copies) & digital release giving you the opportunity to experience the record both as it was meant to be heard – on tape & in a convenient DJ friendly digital package. We’d suggest hearing both.

“Death to a coward & a traitor”.